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Family matching outfits
Date : 2017-06-02
Name : 대표운영자
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Family matching outfits

This time we have together in the name of ‘us’… to be forever beautiful

What is the scope of the family?

My child who is my alter ego who cannot be traded with anything in this world, my reliable husband,
parents I am grateful for, friends, society members, work colleagues, and so on...
Together we are in the name of love…
Aren’t we all, in fact, just one big family

Memories of precious time with loved ones…
To children, parents I am grateful for, friends, and colleagues,
it becomes a great gift to be cherished forever

Monfimafi is,
as you can see from the brand naming and concept,
a representative professional brand of Family matching outfits in the Republic of Korea
that shares the love with the clothes by putting preciousness of family

Present your loved ones the precious memories
No.1 Family matching outfits brand in the Republic of Korea,
Monfimafi, is with you

Monfimafi, more pleasant together,
is a family look brand that is already loved by people around the world

Casually, sometimes dressier…
Stylish and diverse design is the first reason why global moms love Monfimafi

A special-day look style you can wear together in the special event day of your family,
semi-formal look style you can feel free to enjoy in family-accompanied gatherings,
and comfortable daily look style you can wear every day cover diverse design needs from
expressing Mini me look line you would like to mimic, and Similar look line that is similar yet different

A wide variety of sizes available for all kinds of people – male, female, the old, and the young –
is the second reason why it is loved by the people around the world

From baby size for 12 months old baby up to junior of 13 years old (Size 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13),
Size S, M or Free, Big Free for mothers,
and to MM, L, XL, XXL size for small or big daddies,
there are various sizes for everyone – male, female, the old, and the young – to enjoy

Korean production that sticks with the use of luxurious Korean pure cotton fabric…
Being truly 100% Made in Korea from design to production
is the third reason why global moms love

It is a representative Family matching outfits brand in the Republic of Korea that boasts Korean fabric 100% Korean sewing technology,
which is the safe brand that can be worn together with babies,
by obtaining the KC certification mark for passing the inspection of various harmful substances

People who design memories that will last a lifetime… JH Global

JH Global does not try to make simply pretty clothes
JH Global does its best to put precious memories together
Since it is a time for my loving family, not just anyone,
it tries to keep its strictness which can be difficult and stubborn

Beyond the No.1 in the Republic of Korea,
Dreaming the world’s best professional design group for Family matching outfits,
JH Global Ltd.
works together for your precious memories

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